• KPI DashBoard & Management Reports
  • Advanced Yield & Pricing Algorithms
  • Dynamic Demand Calendar

Hotel Management KPI Dashboard

竞博电竞平台 Xotels has launched Hotel Scienz, a pratical Hotel KPI Dashboard system. It replaces old-school excel reports with cloud-based business inteligence status reports. With its daily pick-up reports and a KPI dashboard, it proviedes a snapshot overview of your hotels' financial sales status. It is the ultimate yield manager application ...?

It is an intuitive hotel revenue management platform which provides complete and renewed insight into consumer demand ?for any size hotel or hostel property. The solution is multi-property capable and can therefore also be used by hotel groups. It provide you performance metrics measurement, showing the balance of your on the books. Instead of a query business intelligence system, rather use Hotel Scienz which has preformated report templates showing you what you need to look at and analyize.

Xotels pointer white KPI Dashboard

   KPI Dashboard

The RMS dashboard view, gives all stakeholders a clear overview of the current and future sales results. On The Books performance is compared with last year's final results, same date and budget. Data is presented both in numbers and visually easy to read graphs, charts and index tables.

  • Instant revenue status overview
  • Year on year & budget comparison
  • Performance index numbers

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Xotels pointer white Daily Pick-Up Reports

  Daily Pick-Up Reports

In one screen we include revenue on the books, booking pace trends, market segment performance, competitive market data, and much more. All the information you need to make your revenue analysis and come to informed yield and pricing decisions, are presented in an easy to read overview.

  • One screen overview of daily results
  • Segment breakdown
  • Inventory & pricing status

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Xotels pointer white Past, current and future Performance Data

  Past, current and future Performance Data

Key performance indicators are displayed in a one-screen booking pace overview. Data such as occupancy, adr and revpar are shown in a familiar excel spreadsheet format and includes, broken down by day and segment. All your important metric together in one easy to understand report.

  • Last year month end data
  • Same day last year data
  • 4 weeks sales performance tracking

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Xotels pointer white Yield Algorithms to Highlight Demand Trends

  Yield Algorithms to Highlight Demand Trends

To predict yield opportunities, the software uses a scientific algorithm based on an extensive amount of data. Dates that require require your attention are highlighted and indicate recommended actions and pricing optimization to maximize revenue.

  • Algorithmic sales pace indicators
  • Visual action recommendations
  • Demand exception rules

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Xotels pointer white Integrated Competitor Rate Shops

  Integrated Competitor Rate Shops

You can see the pricing strategy and best available rate of a set of 5 pre-selected competitor hotels. The system also calculated lowest, highest and average market rates.

  • Competition price comparison
  • Average comp set pricing
  • Closed out dates

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Xotels pointer white Dynamic Event Demand Calendar

  Dynamic Event Demand Calendar

Our advanced event calendar tool enables you to make an apples to apples comparison of high demand and compression days such as trade-fairs, public holidays, vacations etc.

  • Sales pace indicators
  • Action focus highlights
  • Event Calendar Display

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Xotels pointer white Integrated Channel Manager (optional)

Rate and inventory is automatically updated from the cloud based Hotel Scienz RMS solution via our built in hotel channel management system. This also offers connectivity to our own booking engine technology.

  • Direct rate & inventory management
  • Instant updates
  • Over 300 channels

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Xotels pointer white Other Functionalities

  • Xotels pointer white Segmentation Mapping
  • Xotels pointer white Multiple Data Source Business Intelligence
  • Xotels pointer white Responsive design, works on any device
  • Xotels pointer white Integrated CRS & IBE (optional)
  • Xotels pointer white PMS Interfaces (optional)

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Our yield solution is being used by different accommodation types, from luxury inner-city boutique hotels to vacation resorts, new hospitality and lodging concepts, youth hostels, camping sites and holiday parks.

What is to be expected of using the Hotel Scienz revenue management technology?

It is is all about increasing the financial top and bottom line results of your hotel!

Revenue managers save time in daily operations and analysis, to focus more on strategic yield opportunities and grow overall RevPar. Other stakeholders like general managers, asset managers and hotel owners are provided with crucial reporting to gain instant insight into the performance of their hotel portfolio.

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