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竞博电竞平台 www.buylvepileather.com blauw merkbeeld standaard xotelReflecting upon 2015, we can say it has been a very dynamic year, with some amazing results. We have expanded our portfolio of independent hotels with 11 new hotels of which 4 were new openings. Our hotel management group is now 40 properties strong, and we have some new properties already lined up to join in 2016.5.



Below a summary of 2015 at Xotels.

Top 5 Countries where we have hotels

  • Spain 12
  • The Netherlands 11
  • Belgium 9
  • France 4
  • Dutch Antilles 2

And we have recently expanded into Switzerland and Tanzania as well.


Record Total Revenue Growth (2015 vs 2014)

  • Granada 43%
  • Nivelles 26%
  • San Sebastian 25%
  • Amsterdam 17%
  • Sevilla 12%

We are very proud of these results. Moreover did we not only grow the room revenue at our hotels, but we have been able to impact the total revenue with our methodology as well. TREVPAR is clearly moving up.


Besides our focus on revenue, we have been working hard on reducing distribution costs. Driving direct sales is a key factor in the profitability of a hotel. The main actions that have allowed us to steer more people to the hotel’s brand.com website vs OTA are:

  • Control over Wholesale Pricing & Distribution
  • No Favorable deals or promotions for OTA
  • Trademark protection and Bidding
  • Member discounts on the Hotel Website
  • Meta-search marketing

Our methodical approach to Revenue Management is a great factor in the results we achieve for our hotel clients. To share our approach with more hoteliers, we have developed a cloud-based Revenue Management Dashboard which can be used by any kind of hotel (small or large).

All in all 2015 has been a great year for us, and 2016 is already looking promising.


Patrick Landman @ Xotels

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