A New Boutique Hotel in Barcelona - Casa Bonay

竞博电竞平台 www.buylvepileather.com Casa Bonay - Boutique Hotel Barcelona - Revenue Management by XotelsHaving worked and lived for many years in New York, London and Paris I have been able to experience many different hotel concepts. My preference has always gone out to boutique hotels which take the spirit of place beyond just design and furniture, but install a real soul into their property. At Xotels we are fortunate to be able to work with a new and much needed addition to the Barcelona hotel market, which brings exactly this a hotel with character and personality, the Casa Bonay.


Casa Bonay is housed in a neoclassical residential building dating back from 1869, which belonged to the Bonay family. The house has been renovated from top to bottom to transform it into a stylish boutique hotel, respecting the original design and conserving the masonry linked architectural elements and such as the nolla tiled mosaic floors, high ceilings, glass galleries with sliding doors, and an impressive grand staircase.

Moreover they have managed to really install a lifestyle into the DNA of the hotel. You feel it when interacting with the staff. They are very down to earth and very helpful. I recommend you to try out the place, it has such a relaxed vibe, and is great for people watching. It actually made me feel like I was back in a hotel in New York.

Casa Bonay - Boutique Hotel Barcelona - Revenue Management by Xotels

And just like the hotels in the big metropolitan cities it has multiple F&B outlets, so you can enjoy something different all the time during your stay, depending on your mood.

In the main restaurant Elephant, Crocodile & Monkey you can enjoy an unusual laidback culinary experience based on free cooking, by renowned chef Estanislao Carenzo. In the same space, during lunch time, you will find Têt, a no-stress, lively and fresh Vietnamese barbeque pop-up. In the warehouse positioned in the back, a magnificent space with iron columns, we have added Libertine, a cocktail bar, restaurant and tea lounge. And you can also enjoy a smoothy or refreshment in Mother Juice Bar or Satan's Coffee Corner.

Casa Bonay - Boutique Hotel Barcelona - Revenue Management by Xotels

Hotel Casa Bonay also features 2 small retail spaces by Blackie Books and independent book publisher and baTabasTa shirt makers.

The rooms are something different as well. They have preserved the original mosaic floors, giving it a unique authentic Barcelona vibe. In the inner part of the property they have torn out a part of the building creating an open air patio. With balcony style open air corridors, and plenty of tropical plants it feels just like a colonial style patio you will normally find in Cuba. The rooms facing the ‘patio de manzana’, typical large courtyard inside a street block in Barcelona’s Eixample, offer a glass gallery adding a lot of charm and warmth. Of course premium accommodation includes private terraces and balconies as Barcelona is the city of sun in Europe.

Ok, I think I have gotten you all excited now, and ready to try this new amazing gem. Where is it located I hear you ask. I have already given away that it is in the Eixample area of Barcelona. To be exact it is situated in the Eixample Derecha, and Pla?a Catalunya is just a 10 minutes’ walk away. The popular Passeig de Gracia Street, with shops and restaurants, is only 700m away. And a 20-minute walk will take you to Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. So it is quite central.

Casa Bonay - Boutique Hotel Barcelona - Revenue Management by Xotels

Now with Xotels we are working on the revenue management and distribution strategies of Casa Bonay. Our first focus is to build occupancy and through this a solid online reputation. After 1 month of operation we are scoring a 9.1 on the main OTA. In the mid term we will be able to convert this guest review score, as a result of authentic personal service and a unique concept, into a sold average room rate.

We have drawn out our hotel opening strategy plan and are steadily implementing action steps and best practices to make this hotel asset a very healthy ROI.

Please go and try out Casa Bonay, and let me know what you think …. www.casabonay.com



Patrick Landman @ Xotels

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