What crisis are hotels talking about? We made more money in 2009…

Who says 2009 was a bad year? For the Hotel Dynastic (4*) and Gala Placidia (3*), in Benidorm Spain, 2009 brought more revenue and profit then in 2008. Seams the crisis did not impact them. But how come?

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Gustavo Sáenz, General Manager at the Dynastic Group 2009 and Vicente Ferrer are amongst the happiest hoteliers in Benidorm, Spain. They managed to increase profit last year during a year where fellow hoteliers were challenged with an economic crisis. Many hotels in Benidorm have even gotten into financial difficulties with their lenders.

Gustavo states, ‘Back in 2008 we decided to make a strategic move and bring on board a consultancy company that could help point us in the right direction. A company that could validate our strategies and help us set out a clear course towards success.

Vicente adds, ’We have looked at several companies, but our choice fell quickly on Xotels. They seemed to be true experts in the field of hotel revenue management and distribution, not only in Spain on but on a European level. They started with an audit of our current results, market performance, strategies and operations. Weaknesses and opportunities were identified quickly and an action plan formed.’

Gustavo continues, ‘Working with Xotels we really value their practical and hands on approach. They have helped us implement easy actionable steps over the last 12 months. Slowly a revenue management culture is growing in our company, including at the front desk. Most importantly they have shown us how a calculated approach to decision making can have a big impact on your results.’

Julia of Xotels comments ‘Through displacement calculations we have been able to identify the number of group business that could be taken for any period. Implementing a detailed demand calendar has also been of great help. 2009 brought great results, considering the state the rest of the market was in’.

Vicente adds, ‘Yes the results is what I look at as owner, and I am happy. We improved profit in both the hotels. REVPAR at Dynastic went up by almost €1.00 and at Gala Placidia up by €2.00. Both hotels are leading their market segment by 10% in occupancy as a result of the strategy chosen.’

Gustavo finished ‘We are extremely pleased with the results of course. Who could have thought that we could go from being underdog to a market leader within a year of financial crisis. Xotels consulting team has helped us a lot in achieving these results. For 2010 we will focus on increasing direct sales and our relationships with the online travel agencies for our hotels. Xotels consultants are helping us to achieve a healthy market mix that will allow us to yield in high demand times’.


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Patrick Landman @ Xotels

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