Most Popular Hotel Revenue Management & Marketing Articles in 2015

竞博电竞平台 top 102015 was a record year for our blog. We had 40% more traffic and readers. And if you look at the amount social likes and shares, you can see our articles are really hitting a good note with hoteliers. In this post we are reviewing the most popular revenue management and hotel markeitng articles of 2015.


Here we go.

Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2015:

  1. The Importance & Impact of Revenue Management in Hotels
  2. How to Improve your TripAdvisor Score & Ranking
  3. New Revenue Management Dashboard Launched
  4. Past & Future of Hotel Revenue Management
  5. The End of the Hotel Room
  6. OTA Revenue Management Advice can be Tricky for Hotels
  7. Revenue Management Strategies for Hotels
  8. How to use Flash Sales to turn Around a Distressed Hotel
  9. Give the Selfie Shooters What they Want
  10. A Place to Stay for Urban Cowboys

And here the Top 5 Most Read in 2015 of our All Time Articles:

  1. Hotel Market Segmentation
  2. How to Write a Hotel Business Plan
  3. How to Start your Own Hotel Business
  4. What is the Definition of Revenue Management
  5. Innovative Hotel Concepts

In 2016 we will make a big announcement for our blog.

Wishing you the best for the last day of this year, and a smashing 2016 !


Patrick Landman @ Xotels

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